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Adding A Guitar Neck?

Why Not Ask An Expert For Help? Ego most likely. Then again, we know guitar players have no ego problems. Don't be afraid to ask for help when modifying or assembling guitars. No need to "pretend" to be an expert because you've done it before. Because it may have turned out right accidentally. Therefore, if you're called on to repeat it-something may be different this time. Once you pretend to be an "expert" you can't go back and ask for assistance. I am specifically talking about DIY's in the area of guitar repair skill. Yes, there is a multitude of them and they all buy parts on Ebay. They are all experts. I can't believe how many "guitar and luthery experts" I run into on a weekly basis buying extra guitar parts we occasionally sell at Haywire Custom Guitars.

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Roasted Maple Necks

Roasted maple necks undergo a longer hotter drying process which involves heating the wood to over 300 degrees. This removes more moisture from the wood. The supposition, of course is that the wood becomes lighter and much less susceptible to moisture and climate changes. It is also boasted that the process stabilizes the maple. There is a marked color change to a darker shade. I am not convinced it has the much touted, improved tone and increased sustain. Show me the empirical evidence first.

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