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Hello Rick,

First at morning i went to the postal office, and got the Tele. You made a professional instrument, in every single fret’s the sound absolutely astonishing. This one you made is definitely the best, you are professional Rick. Working with you it’s pleasure, and the first Instrument told me exactly you were the right man to work with. Your attention to detail and your professionalism has been

tremendous and I am a very happy customer indeed. it’s alway’s pleasure to work with you. Thank you again.

Jackob.M Israel

Hello Rick !

I received guitar ,Thank so much ! My son loves it! You did unbelievable job on this guitar. I’m going to leave super positive feedback about You and your shop. One more time Thank You for your honest business. God bless You !


Pavel Gud

Dear Rick,

I received the guitar today. You were right. It looks great and sounds even better. I have been playing it nonstop, totally clean, but also using a lot of my favorite effect combinations. It is a pleasure to play, you did a great job on the neck. Thanks again for building this beauty and for your generous spirit and support.


Hi Rick,

What can I say, the guitar is fantastic. It feels like it was made for me. The neck is prefect, and the action is supple and responsive. I love the ash body – it’s so light! I’m going to be putting in alot of hours on this girl, so I’m glad it’s so comfortable to play. I’ve had many guitars over the years, but this is my first strat, and I’m glad I waited. The case is great to – very skoocum (tough)…and light too!

Thank you so much for your help with the tracking. Looks like it was another case of our silly Customs department taking their sweet time. So much for free trade. Oh well, it’s here! and I’m very excited.

Thanks again,

Rob • Vancouver, British Columbia


Dear Rick,

Ok…I was supposed to receive a nice guitar with a nice sound, etc. But I received a real GEM instead. You’ve made a superb instrument, and I have never had a guitar like this on my hands. Thank you forever.


Hey Rick!

I got the guitar and I love it. It sounds awesome. Everything about it is perfect. Thanks for everything. I’m at work so sorry for this being short. Thanks again,

Les Gaverluk • Port Colborne, Ontario

Les Gaverluk

Hey Rick!

Sorry it took me a bit to sit down and right this email. I’ve been to pre-occupied playing and recording this GEM of a guitar 🙂 you’re a wonderful craftsman and I’ll definitely keep you in mind for future purchases! This guitar is absolutely beautiful, it’s exactly what I expected. It is an amazing guitar and its working wonderfully with my studio. Thanks a lot for building this for me! I’ll be heading to college soon for audio production and this guitar is going to BLOW them away 🙂 the black hardware and black body just look amazing, it makes me smile every time. As soon as I record a few final tracks I’ll send them your way I’ll give you feedback on ebay tonight as well but for now, back to the studio!! Thanks Again!

Michael Liesenfelder

Hello Rick,

Just a quick note to tell you that I received the Tele today. This guitar is simply Awesome! Looks great, Sounds great, and plays like a dream. Love it man… If I run into anyone looking for their “next guitar” I will send them your way…


Eddie Perritt • Winston-Salem, NC

Eddie Perritt

Dear Rick,

Fantastic! I bought this as a back up to my other strat, and it has blown that one out of the water.

Dominic Rippel

USPS was very efficient this week. The axe arrived today to my pleasant surprise. First impressions, I’m blown away at how nice this looks and sounds. The neck is wonderful, the weight is just right. It’s aesthetically and physically well balanced. I can see myself playing through long sets without feeling fatigued. Initially out of the box, the strings buzzed but that was because the action was very low, strings almost touching the frets. Maybe the neck shifted a bit in transit? Neck looks okay though. Is that the truss adjuster on the side of the neck? I adjusted the bridge to bring the action up to my specs and it feels great. I think I’m going to get spoiled by this neck. Chord tones have a nice shimmer to them when strummed, single notes punchier than I’m used to, most likely due to the EMG’s which sound nicer than Gibson ’57 humbuckers. It’s feels funny to go back to a standard strat after playing this guitar. Well, those are my first impressions. I’m going to play it at a jam session this weekend, that will be the true test. I have a feeling it’s going to be a real blast to play. I’ll call you Monday and let you know how it all went.

Best Regards,

Eddie Lastra

Eddie Lastra



      The guitar came in today. It is a very, very good looking piece of equipment! I played it all afternoon and I love it. It is a fast picking-hot sounding-country-chicken-pickin- super-dupper-hog-back-hemi-deluxe. I was playing it through a twin reverb amp and could get multiple different type tones out of the three pickups on this Nashville Tele. I really like the guitar and will be showing it off to a whole bunch of guitar playing fools. Expect some calls.

 Thank you

Dave Morrison • 20455 BIA 2

Dave Morrison


Sorry for the delay, have been tied up for a few days. I received the guitar last Friday, could hardly wait to open the package.  By the way, the postal service delivered it in fine shape, and the packaging was great.

What a beautiful guitar.  After taking it out of the packaging, I did a quick tune up and it was ready to go. I Spent several hours playing it, fooling around with different amp setting/pick-up selections, and basically just having fun with this excellent guitar.  Really like the Warmoth neck too, and the setup is perfect.

Thanks again for the time you spent talking with me about guitars and answering my questions.  Also, I wanted to let you know that after thinking about it, I don’t need the “whammy bar” as we discussed – would likely never use it and I appreciate your guidance and suggestions about it.

Thank you for the amazing guitar.

Bill Rosenberry

Dear Rick,

The guitar arrived Monday. This is a fantastic guitar! Thanks. your work is excellent. The finish on the body is first-rate and the neck is superb. The guitar plays easily, and that makes me a better player. Music flows a lot better when you don’t have to fight the instrument. The only thing I might find fault with is the lack of a whammy bar and a ready-to-play trem. But that seems minor stacked against the guitar. This is an excellent guitar. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another from you.  

I appreciate the fine instrument, the workmanship, the price and the prompt delivery.

Best wishes,

Ray Johnson

Ray Johnson

Hi Rick,

 I was worried that I would be too heavy-handed for a guitar with “super low action” as you described…

 But, my worries were unfounded.  Wow!  I love the playability of the this guitar.  So much easier, now I can play longer without fatigue.

 Never dreamed I’d own a fine instrument like this.  Everything sounds perfect and you really made a stunning guitar.

 Problem is, now I have to practice more often to upgrade my playing to match the beauty of this excellent guitar…but, that will be fun!

 Thank You,

 Scott Denman • [email protected]

Scott Denman

Hi Rick,

The guitar arrived in perfect condition. I have played it for a few hours already and I am having a lot of trouble putting it down. I can`t believe the set-up and quality of the instrument vs the cost. You should be charging a lot more for your instruments. The set up is fantastic. I’ve been playing for over 40 years and played at least 100 different guitars and this guitar is one of the best ever. Thanks for making and old guy happy.

Thanks again,


Rolf Laurin

Haywire Custom Guitars is a first class outfit

I am disabled with Degenerative Disc Disease which has caused a weakening in both hands. It has been increasingly difficult to play for more than 10 min at a time. One day I came across Haywire’s Website and decided to give them a call. Rick said that he could help me out. I’ve had the guitar about ten days now and I am just blown away! The guitar plays effortlessly and is incredibly solid while being so much lighter than my previous ones. Thanks to Rick Mariner and Haywire Custom guitars for handing me a new lease on my guitar-playing life. I also believe that I could not have found a better combination of quality and price. Haywire Custom Guitars is a first class outfit that listened carefully to my concerns and then put together a guitar that addressed my special needs.
John L. Gibson
[email protected]

Guitar from Haywire-Etraverzo

Guitar from Haywire-Etraverzo. I purchased a guitar from Haywire Custom Guitars in 2016 and man it’s got to be one of my best guitars going forward. I especially love the way it sustains the treble volume when the volume knob is brought down to any number 3-10. This is awesome option to have if you play blues or SRV music. Must have! The neck action is comfortable from the first fret through the 21st. I mean low action all the way through. Finally, the 6th and 7th toggle switch adds to all the other wonderful sound this guitar makes. I give it 5 stars ***** and, Rick from Haywire is a very friendly and professional guy. Very guitar smart as it relates to sound and set up. Sincerely very happy Customer!

Haywire Tele-Takehiko Muto

Haywire Tele-Takehiko Muto: Hello Rick, sorry for my late review.  I’ve come back to the US today and received my Haywire Tele without any damage or problem. Let me say “PERFECT TELE” I’ve ever played. I really love the shaped neck and overall the balance of play-ability is really amazing. 6100 fret, 24 fret neck thinner neck, American bridge, and Seymour Duncans! I can say these are in perfect balance. Just played 2 hours and It’s so nice and comfortable. I can never part with my Tele.  I have a great playing guitar that plays EXACTLY how I need it to play comfortably as a guitarist.

I got the guitar-John

Get an instrument you can grow with. I got the guitar yesterday and yes she’s a beauty. Also, I love it. The guitar is everything I hoped it would be, the set up is perfect. Thank you for the phone calls and friendly conversation. You need to be complimented on your customer service and for assuring that everything was as I desired. My satisfaction with doing business with you is complete. I look forward to purchasing one of your custom builds in the future. Finally, Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours-John Adams.

Get an instrument you can grow with. I got the guitar yesterday and yes she’s a beauty. Also, I love it. The guitar is everything I hoped it would be, the set up is perfect. Thank you for the phone calls and friendly conversation. You need to be complimented on your customer service and for assuring that everything was as I desired. My satisfaction with doing business with you is complete. I look forward to purchasing one of your custom builds in the future. Finally, Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours-John Adams.