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Haywire Signature Guitars – The Daytona Custom

Nashville’s greatest contribution to the hot rod and surfing craze of the early ’60s came in the form of Ronny & the Daytonas.  A surf band from Nashville, they were instrumental in injecting country sounds into the emerging surf rock scene.  their debut single, 1964’s G.T.O., reached #4 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart, and sold over a million copies. There’s only one thing better than having a top ten hit, and that’s having your own signature guitar. Congrats, Ronnie!

The Haywire Daytona is a solid Rosewood instrument from head to toe for a unique look that’s bound to impress anyone who sees it.  The Rosewood fret board is highlighted with abalone dot inlays,  your choice of high quality tuners, and the entire look is set off by your choice of engraved 24-karat gold or chrome hardware.

The standard pickups on this model are a set of EMG-TC active or a Lollar Passive combination of a Royal-T in the bridge and a Special-T in the neck position.  All passive pickup sets are complimented by our own Haywire Treble Bleed Circuit, allowing your high frequencies to shine through, even at low volumes!

Playing at the higher end of the neck past the 12th fret is effortless on this guitar, thanks to Haywire’s exclusive Recessed Heel Crest Option included in all of Haywire’s Custom Shop signature guitars. The bulky heel crest wood that blocks your hand has been greatly reduced, making it easier for you to explore the possibilities that reside at the very top portion of your neck.

Every Daytona Custom is built to each individual customer specifications with unlimited custom wiring choices, component selections, and a wide selection of quality Warmoth necks equipped with stainless steel frets that provide exceptionally long wear and silky smooth bends.  The result is a guitar that was built to fit in your hands with a stunning range of tonal possibilities.


  • Solid Rosewood body, fretboard, and neck with Abalone dot inlays
  • Engraved 24-karat gold or chrome hardware
  • EMG-TC active or Lollar Passive pickup combination
  • Haywire Treble Bleed Circuit with passive pickup sets
  • Exclusive Haywire Heel Crest Option
  • Danny Gatton compensated saddles or Six-saddle bridge
  • Hardshell case included
  • Free worldwide shipping



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