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Haywire Custom Guitars – Custom Builds

Custom Builds – Haywire Custom Guitars Makes guitars….Happen! Have a unique idea of custom builds you always wanted, give us a call: 843-3475742

Welcome to our photo gallery, where you can see over 1,400 examples of our custom guitar work! In addition to watching the slideshow below, you may click on the Flickr logo in the upper left-hand corner which will take you to a more traditional view of a photo collection.  

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If you have a unique idea of a guitar that you always wanted that is unlike anything that you’ve been able to find thus far, give us a call!  With countless guitar builds and projects under our belt, it’s a pretty good bet that we can help you get that guitar out of your imagination and into your hands!  Below are just a few examples of the custom builds that we’ve done over the years.



We are not a Gibson, Epiphone, Washburn, Wilkinson, Parker, Carvin, BC Rich USA, Jackson, PRS, Ernie Ball or Fender dealer nor are we affiliated with any of these companies.