Your Guitar Build

//Your Guitar Build

Your Guitar Build

When selecting parts for your your guitar build, what are your real choices? The very basic ones are: light or heavy wood, painted or natural? So far easy ones. Furthermore, single coil or Humbuckers, no rocket science here. Then still more choices, master volume & tone or individual, 21 or 22 frets, Rosewood or maple neck, high or low action? Why then do guitarists argue so much over guitars and how to build them?

Good question. Go over to a guitar forum sometime and look at the ridiculous things guitar players say are important in a guitar build. Screw patterns? $400 bridges? $700 inlay? Really? Most forum members have no idea what they are talking about. It makes me cringe when I hear them giving advice to each other. They all have an agenda and want to be heard. Sure, but they’re all experts right? No way, sorry guys-keep your advice to yourselves. You’ll never get serious advice on a forum, just speculation. So, ignore them.

your guitar build need not be expensive

Parts in your new guitar need only be quality. What am I really saying? Unfortunately, and I know this will be terribly sad news, so brace yourself…. Guitars need not be expensive to be great. Yes, the cat’s out of the bag. It troubles me to have to tell you this. It’s not always the parts that make the guitar it’s how they’re put together. This doesn’t mean that guitarists need to choose guitars like they choose a girlfriend. After all most have the same parts-and are remarkably different in how they’re put together.

Bottom line is you have to make up your own mind. The question needs to be asked, “Would you rather have a guitar builder build your guitar or a guy on a forum”? I promise you they are not the same. You won’t see guitar builders or techs handing out free advice there when they can charge for it. Just remember, in the hands of a good craftsman-your guitar build need not be expensive.

parts choices are not rocket science

The choices are very mundane and ordinary, but when the parts are added properly then BANG! Just like the proper mixture of gunpowder. If you don’t mix it right it will fail to work. SO…. the combination has to be PERFECT. Same with your guitar build . Rather than stand over your tech and direct the build-why not let them do what you want-then test it and see if it needs tweaking. Generally, if you hire a great builder the project is in good hands. Let him work. Usually after the guitar is built then you’ll have something to talk about. However, first, let him build it.

In 99% of the guitar builds I do for players most are exactly right needing a few tweaks at the very end. This is where players need me, the builder/tech to really listen. If it’s close, I can can get it the rest of the way there. If it’s not already perfect then we work together to get it that way. So, let me tell you what I told you. Guitars need not be expensive-just well built. Guys on forums are not builders and will not offer good advice. Let the guitar builder work and don’t try to convince him you’re the real expert. Do the final tweaks together for the best result on your guitar build .

players try to build a guitar after 15 minutes spent on a forum

When I build a guitar following this very procedure-there are no complaints ever. Most of the fake complaints we see are the ones involving malicious buying, competitors or players that try building a guitar after 15 minutes spent on a forum. Let us build you a great inexpensive guitar you’ll love. I know you’ll want to bring tools to assist, but it’s not necessary-we can handle it. The important part is that you’re a happy guitar player. I never feel as if the job is complete until I hear what the player has to say about the completed guitar. I love a well finished job.

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