New Guitar Necks

New guitar necks? The ideal electric guitar neck is one that is comfortable for YOU. Want the best replacement guitar necks available? What are they? They are simply the ones that suit your style and comfort. By investing so much time in listening to guitar players, we’re able to produce a perfect guitar neck. Most importantly, it not only looks good, but is a superior choice in comfort and feel for you when playing all night long. We care about customer needs and satisfaction with our work. We take time finishing and assembling your guitar when adding new guitar necks, bodies, parts and strings.

Options on Your Guitar Neck

We offer you as a guitar player, what YOU want. Some custom shops will try and sell stuff they have simply to make money. At Haywire Custom shop we help you buy what you need so you’ll come back because you like how you’re treated. New guitar necks have lots of options. For example, “alternate” scale replacement necks for those looking for a different feel as in a 24-3/4″ Gibson scale on their Strat or Tele. We know you need fret size, nut size, truss rods, inlays, fingerboard radius, back contours, thickness, wood, and head stock shapes. So, we do it. We do what you need for your comfort. We offer guitar necks for sale that you need. Installation on purchased guitar necks is free!

Haywire Custom Guitars custom shop can help by: narrowing your guitar neck, shape the back of a guitar neck Also we can reshape your guitar neck,
shave your guitar neck or slim it by sanding your guitar neck and re-shaping a guitar neck.

About the Author:

Mr. Rick Mariner Owner and Founder and CEO of Haywire Custom Guitars Inc. He is a member of The Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (A.S.I.A.) as well as a guitar player. Rick holds a bachelors degree from University of Md. and a Masters degree from George Washington University. Rick developed his exclusive 8 – Point “Gig- Ready” guitar process that allows for Custom Guitars that are “GIG-READY”. With Rick’s many years of development and guitar set-up experience, Haywire Guitar shop “Builds satisfied players… one Haywire guitar at a time”.

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