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Haywire Custom Guitars offers Premium custom guitars and guitar modifications. Furthermore, all of our custom guitars and basses are true players instruments. We put decades of the best technology from the past together with innovative building techniques of the present, and as a result you have an outstandingly appointed instrument that is “Gig-Ready.” What does “Gig-ready” mean? It means that your guitar will be perfectly set up for you.  Most importantly, ready for your gig the moment that you take your Haywire guitar out of its case for the very first time!

How Will Your New Custom Guitar Look?

image Haywire Custom Guitars-Violator-2 Special Guitar

Haywire Custom Guitars-Violator-2 Special Guitar

We are a custom guitar shop, and what that means is this: We build custom guitars that combine all of your favorite elements of all your favorite guitars into one unbelievable instrument! Especially relevant, if you love the guitar that you’re currently playing, but always wanted it modified in one way or another to make it perfect, we can take care of that too.

If You’d Like We’ll Modify Your Existing Guitar

Professionals world-wide rely on instruments made by Haywire Custom Guitars. As a result, customers enjoy guitars and modifications to their exact specifications with upgraded quality components at a reasonable price. In addition each Haywire Custom Guitar is put through our exclusive “8 Point Gig Ready Process” to make sure that every Haywire Custom Guitar sounds great and feels just right!

Get: Guitar Necks Shaved, New Neck, New Pickups, New Wiring, Guitar Repairs and Neck Straightening, New Frets, Custom Guitar Tune Ups, Special Hardware, Upgraded Components, Feather Light Custom Guitar Bodies and

Custom Guitars to Your Specs!!

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Haywire Custom Guitars-Custom Shop, 2007 Lees Landing Circle, Conway, South Carolina, 29526, United States


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Haywire Custom Guitars-Serving Myrtle Beach and the Surrounding Area:

Haywire Custom Guitar & Repairs is your place for expert stringed instrument repairs, upgrades and servicing. Every Guitar is handled by an experienced guitar technician. We get your guitar in peak playing condition. Check Haywire guitars official website. Largest guitar shop in the Myrtle Beach area with the deals on new and used guitars. Stop in for new guitars, guitar ideas, guitar repairs, guitar upgrades. Professional guitar service and guitar repair in the Myrtle Beach, SC area.

Your place for expert guitar repairs, custom guitar upgrades and servicing. Your guitar is handled by an expert guitar tech.

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Welcome to Haywire Custom Guitar Shop

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image Haywire Custom Guitars-Violator-2 Special Guitar
Haywire Custom Guitars-Violator-2 Special Guitar