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Haywire Custom Guitars-Guitar Neck Shaving. Guitar Neck Reshaping, Thinning or Re-profiling. We Do It All.

What is your preference, a thin neck or thick neck ?

Neck thickness should be chosen for what best fits your hands, not the "tone" it has.  That should be the major consideration in the choice of your new neck. The timbre of a fat neck is noticeable. However, most of the tone comes from your playing technique-not the wood. 

On an electric guitar  tones are affected by everything from the pickups and amplification to pedals, pickups to speaker enclosures. 

In a live situation "wood tones"  in an electric guitar will become even less noticeable.  Let's say everything is equal and the guitar is perfectly in tune and intoned.  The overall sound of your guitar may be noticeably affected by a fatter/ thicker neck but generally only when you are playing without the guitar plugged in to an amp.  So...remember high gain electric guitar tone is very much dependent on a players technique and comfort with his instrument and not the thickness of a neck.

Neck tone is an issue that no empirical evidence has ever put to rest.  However, comfort  does affect your playing ability and technique which is what matters most in finding and maintaining your tone. Start with finding a neck that makes playing a joy and enhances your technique in a way that allows you to play your best, then:

1. Find the best amp that suits your ear for the tone you like however
other factors to consider are pickups, effects, speaker enclosures, etc.

The guitarist with some of the biggest hands I've ever seen played a guitar with the thinnest necks ever made. It was Jimi Hendrix. The guitars he loved most were 1968 Strats which measured 40mm at the nut, with a neck depth at the first fret of approx .820".  A very small thin neck!   He could practically fret the D string with his thumb over the top of the neck.  Even more amazing is when his "Isle of Wight" black Strat was examined after decades hidden in its case, it revealed a set of 8-38 gauge strings on it.

Haywire Custom Shop NECK SHAVING Option

Guitar neck reshaping, thinning or shaving a guitar neck, re-profiling a guitar neck or shaping and duplicating guitar necks? We do it all. If you have a neck that you just love but it’s a bit too thick-we’ll shave it for you.  $75 plus return shipping to your door will get your neck shaved to a thickness more comfortable for you.  We’ll also replace the finish on the back to help preserve the wood and keep it smooth and beautiful. Send it here:

Haywire Custom Guitars Inc.
2007 Lee's Landing Circle
Conway, SC 29526

Haywire Custom Guitars recessed neck heel crest option