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Haywire Custom Guitars offers Pro custom guitars and guitar mods. Our custom guitars, custom Strats, Teles and Haywire series custom guitars and customized basses are true players instruments. We put decades of the best technology from the past mixed down and tempered with quality guitar parts, knowledge, experience, skill and innovative building techniques of the present. We then condense and distill it into a pure guitar outstandingly appointed that is Gig-Ready. We offer set-ups to your specs as well as super wide and fat guitar necks to thin and slim!

The real value that the custom guitar shop offers you is its small-scale size. In the shop we bring a wealth of high-end features and elegant design options to professional musicians everywhere. We feature choice tone woods, figured tops, strikingly beautiful finishes, figured and quartersawn maple necks with compound radius custom guitar fret boards, specially voiced selected custom guitar pickups that deliver masterful tone, overdrive, clarity, dynamics, transparency, versatility & balanced tonal response. Our custom guitar shop series of select guitar upgrades puts our top-line best features in your hands.

Professionals world-wide rely on an instrument that they receive from the Haywire Custom Guitar Shop. Our customers enjoy guitars made to their exact specifications. The instruments are played with ease, they sound great, and are superior in quality. Our design features will compliment your sense of style. Our custom guitars contain upgraded quality components that you need at a reasonable price. We promise that our custom guitars will sound great and feel just right!

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Haywire 8-Point Gig-Ready Process
Haywire Custom Guitars has developed an 8-point "Gig-Ready guitar process

Haywire Custom Guitars has developed an 8-point "Gig-Ready guitar process that ensures all Haywire guitars are ready to rock from day one. With many years of development and guitar set-up experience, we pride ourselves in building you a guitar that is just right for you at prices way below market.

We offer a wide choice of body colors, hardware, pickups as well as super wide and fat guitar necks to thin and slim to make your guitar a true custom. Select from 21 fret, 22 fret or 24 fret guitar necks! At Haywire Custom Guitars, we're....

"Building satisfied players... one Haywire guitar at a time"

Point 1: 4-axis alignment of the guitars neck                                                                                                                      Each guitars neck is checked and adjusted to be sure it is true and straight to provide a proper alignment on all axis. This step promotes even action and allows for more accurate and easier guitar tuning, playing, and set-up in the following steps.

Point 2: Inspect and lube the guitars tuning gears
Before installing the guitars tuning gears, each one is checked thoroughly. Each tuning gear is adjusted so that there is no play in the mechanism. They are each lubricated to enable smooth and even movement so your guitar will tune accurately.

Point 3: Potting the guitars pickups
We dip the pickups in hot wax to reduce squeal and unwanted guitar feedback.

Point 4: Prep the guitars body
Upon installing the guitars electronic components, great care is taken to ensure that all wires are properly routed, spaced, and grounded to enhance years of trouble-free service with your guitar.

Point 5: Level and polish the frets
This step provides assurance that all of the guitars frets are level, eliminating any possibility of fret buzz due to unevenness.

Point 6: Radius the guitars strings
Most guitar necks have a contour over the top of the neck called the radius. We adjust the strings to make sure the height of each string follows the contour of the guitars neck radius.

Point 7: Adjusting the overall guitar string height and the action
Once we set the contour and radius of the guitars strings we adjust the overall height of the strings from the top of the frets to the bottom of the guitars strings.

Point 8: Set the guitars intonation
This step is done twice. The intonation is set two times, with a 24 hour "seat-in" period in between, to allow the guitar to properly re-seat to the new adjustments

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